What do you SEE?

  • Unique patterns and shapes formed by the subjects;
    The main subject versus the galaxies and milky way.
  • Colours that compliment one another;
    Complementary colours.
  • Balanced and structured compositions;
    Rules of Third and central alignment.

What do you THINK?

  • To break the popular belief that it is impossible to capture the Milky Way
    galaxy in Singapore; the most light-polluted country in the world.
  • To understand the ecological message behind the efforts to unveil the
    elusive Milky Way galaxy that is obscured by the heavy light pollution
  • To promote public awareness of astronomy and the importance of
    preserving the beauty of our night skies through images

What do you WONDER?

  • What are the equipments used and the workflow of post-processing?
    Filters and Photoshop?
  • How to navigate around the night sky that is invisible to the naked eyes?
    Smartphone applications?
  • How can the government helps to reduce the light pollution?
    Earth Hour?