What do you SEE?

  • Different types of lines which create the depth effect and directional planes;
    Making the image appears 3-Dimensional.
  • Overview scale which shows the elements in a compact size;
    To emphasis on how small the earth is from above.
  • Patterns represents the interesting repeating elements;
    Producing a magnificent composition.

What do you THINK?

  • To teach others to look things in another perspective.
  • To show human destruction to the nature; abandoned mining, logging, etc.
  • To urge the government to take actions by publicising his works.

What do you WONDER?

  • What is the equipment used?
    Modern or traditional method; drone or helicopter?
  • Is the government taking actions towards the irresponsible act of the people?
    If yes, what are the actions taken to stop these irresponsible act?
    If no, why are they reluctant to do so when they know what they did were wrong?